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她靠什么晋升为Manhattan View at MiMA纽约销售总监
2017/6/13 | 曼哈顿生活
编这次不是带你来看美女的,今天的主人公Manhattan View at MiMA纽约销售总监Maureen Rogers(莫伦•罗杰斯)接受了美国纽约本土知名地产杂志《Mann Report》的独家专访


小编这次不是带你来看美女的,今天的主人公Manhattan View at MiMA纽约销售总监Maureen Rogers(莫伦•罗杰斯)接受了美国纽约本土知名地产杂志《Mann Report》的独家专访,很显然,她是一个聪明又Nice的人,下文摘自《Mann Report》,一起看看Maureen Rogers是怎么样一个人~


How long have you been in the business?



In 1998, I began my career specializing in resales in Westchester and now I'm the Director of Sales for Manhattan View at MiMA with Silk Realty Group。

我从1998年起就在Westchester从事转售工作。现如今,我在Silk Realty Group担任Manhattan View at MiMA项目的销售总监。


What made you decide to get into real estate?



Having been an at-home mom for several years, I was looking to be my own boss with a flexible schedule that allowed me to spend time with my family. Joining a real estate company in Westchester gave me the opportunity to work and still be close by whenever needed. Years later, I began working in the city for developers on-site and have worked on incredible projects like my current one, Manhattan View at MiMA, a world-class new condominium.

我在家做了几年全职妈妈后,决心找一份有一定自主性的工作,如果能有灵活的工作时间,我也就能有足够的时间陪伴家人了。所以我去了Westchester的一家房地产公司工作,那里离我家很近,我可以随时照顾家里需要。几年后,我开始从事为开发商提供现场支持工作,并且参与了一批出类拔萃的项目,其中就包括我现在所负责的世界顶级新型公寓项目Manhattan View at MiMA。


Who inspires you?



Julia Child. As a child, I would watch her cooking shows and then would attempt to try them myself at home, which resulted in rave reviews (most of the time) from friends and family. To this day, I love taking cooking classes, watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks.



What pushes you to the next level?



Definitely , my children. Also, wanting to do the next deal. It's a good feeling when you've found the perfect place for somebody and want to continue on and help the next.



What is the hottest deal you have made to date?



During the first week of my on-site new development project in the West Village. I had the Olsen twins as a client, and they were looking for an apartment with two master bedrooms. This was not something the developer had planned to build, so we sat down with the architects and reconfigured four apartments by moving some walls around, eliminating a few kitchens and adding a screening room. At the same time, their manager bought a townhouse in the building. The developer was quite happy with the sale.



What is your secret weapon for sealing a deal?



The way to make a deal is to create urgency. Creating urgency in an up market is easy because there is always the threat of a price increase or another buyer getting in before you. For the most part, I would say listening to a buyer's requirements carefully and matching them up with the right home is key.



What is the hottest area for deals right now?



The hottest area in the city right now is the New West Side, encompassing Hudson Yards and the surrounding neighborhood. This was the last undeveloped area of the city and is becoming the newest trendy area to live and work.



What is the best season for deals?



It used to be spring and fall, but with international clients from around the world buying in Manhattan, the market has changed and we're now seeing more activity year-round.



If you bad to live/work in any other city than New York, where would it be?



London. I'm originally from London and miss it, its history and its architecture. Admittedly, I don't miss the weather, but it would be an easy transition for me.



What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in the business?



Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and meet people. Networking and joining different groups is a great way to do so. I would advise a newcomer to join a successful real estate team and learn the ropes from the professionals.


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